Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bridal Shower Favors

Here are pictures of some red velvet cake pops. A good friend of mine (Joan) was throwing her co-worker a surprise wedding shower. Joan realized two days before the party that she didn't have any favors to give out, so she called me of course and I was so happy to do it.  The wedding colors guessed it, purple & yellow. I loved the colors.   Good luck to Gigi & Danze, best wishes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New flavors

We've added two new flavors for our cake truffles & cake pops:  Carrot Cake and Mint Chocolate.
The carrot cake was a huge hit at a recent office party I catered and also at a salon/spa that my sister works at. I thought I would drop off a box there last weekend when I went to visit, just to test it out. My sister sent me a text that afternoon to tell me everyone loved them and they wanted more. Someone even mentioned that the mint chocolate cake truffles reminded them of the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookies. 

Our revised logo

We redesigned our logo. Nothing too drastic. What do you think? Since Madi is my inspiration I wanted to somehow incorporate her image or one similar to her as part of the logo. Now whenever I look at the logo it reminds me of who I am doing all of this for  :-)

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